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Cool Relax

From what i've heard, and i've heard the whole thing, I have to say, I'm loving this. I have to say, between this and the first CD, this CD is my favorite. While listning to the music and words, you can really tell how much Jon B. has matured as a person, mentally and emotionally. His aspects on certian situations are overwhelming. Case and point, the song They Don't Know, the chours states "Don't listen to what people say, they don't know about u and me..." To hear something like that coming from a young man is trully amazing. From experience, i've been in situationis where the man is the one listning to what his friends say insted of what his gal says. But on the really, I'm diggin this CD, and honestly, when i got it home, it sounded better than it did at the store. So, this is most definitely one that I would recommend, and if you don't wanna take my word for it, then listen to it yourself in the record store... then you make the choice.... COOL RELAX

Jon B. was in my dreams times last night