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Shout Outs

first off whats up to GOD and er'body up der wit'em
what's up to my girl Lil' Blunt and her boyz Dru Hill, to Big Mike (luv u boo),to tha whole 4EVABLUNTED RECORDS Staff(Lil' Bizzy rest in peace),to Playa, J, P, spam, c-murder and fiend from No Limit, robert, sean, yummy, them Q-Dogz from that party tha otha night, and a special shout out to Jon B. and everyone at epic, yab-yum, and 550 and Babyface for givin tha brotha a chance. Yo, if i missed you don't worry, it's cool, relax.
(get it COOL RELAX) *hehehehehe*