Jon B. Fan Club
15030 Ventura Blvd. #1-710
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

I have to say this... Jon, *sigh* you are so wonderful. This past thursday and friday... in St. Louis... you showed out. I wasn't suprised because i've always had faith in you right long with my crew, but you made me feel you even more. We were at the sold out show Thursday night and you gave a stellar performance... didja see us.. VIP Tables.. right infront of you.. ANYWAY... Your opening acts were part of the 4EVABLUNTED extended family.... they're a little rusty but we're working on them. I loved how you talked to the audience and made us feel where you were coming from. When you asked who bought the first album and said those where the TRU heads, you were right. The ones that were down from day one are the ones who are still down for you and will always be down for you. We weren't able to make it to the afterset due to circumstances beyond our control but i heard that you showed STL love once more by mingling with the crowd. What really touched me was the fact that you stayed around to give a second show on Friday night. When i went to pick up my tickets for that show, because i just had to see you again, you were doing your sound check. I peeped around the corner and i swear i couldn't take my eyes off of you. Watching you in rehersal, singing your butt off "Fellas i ain't going out..." I knew right then that you were going to blow up the spot once again. I was invited to sit in on the whole rehersal but I'm sorry we missed eachother, i had to leave, otherwise i would have stayed and told you all this then insted of now.. after the fact. But anyway, that night at the show, i peeped you.. looking good... sounding good... feeling good... *whew* sorry.. but for real though, I hate that the security was trying to mess up your flow and was playa hating on us, but it was cool, like you said.. "This is my sh...". I'm so gald i didn't stay home friday because i would've missed something special. That something special was you. The constant eye contact was starting to get to me, but i was cool. Your energy was flowing all through the crowd and we all were feeling it. The love you had for us made us love you more. The one thing that i felt the most was at the end.. when people were walking out and you came back and sang another song that wasn't on the list, "Pretty Girl" and dedicated it to us. Well, i guess i've said enough but i do have to say this.. It was said that St. Louis is one of the biggest Jon B. markets out there and i believe it to be true. You said that you felt that we has so much love for you that you had to stay... and that you will most definately be back... well, we will be waiting for your return.... Much love.. always and forever... Lil' Blunt, representing STL to the FULLEST!!!!!

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